Why we are different

Wish Me Luck is the 1st regulated company that provides legal online Raffle for luxury gifts at the price of a single ticket. We pride ourselves for offering our clients the opportunity to win otherwise unattainable products, at a fraction of their costs, while providing a secure, fair and protected service.

As Wish Me Luck is regulated by the Gaming Authority of an E.U. member state, our company’s activity is controlled and governed according to specific rules and standards that we are obliged to abide to by law. In this way, all of our clients are ensured to the best quality of service and their deposits are guaranteed. Indeed, every gaming activity in Malta has to be approved and licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

Should you want to know more about this, or if you are simply interested on learning more about this regulatory authority: You can click on this link and find the English and Maltese versions of all the laws and regulations related to gaming. http://www.mga.org.mt/legislations-regulations/

The service we provide is based on legal online raffle tickets. A legal online raffle is a gambling competition in which people obtain numbered tickets; each ticket is unique and has the same chance to win each given prize. Once all tickets are sold, or the lottery expires, an automatic draw takes place with our own state of the art certified algorithm, ensuring that only one random winning ticket is selected each time. The algorithm that our service uses is certified by iTech Labs, which is the leading authority on True Random Number Generating services.

Our service is fair, true, regulated and simple. We provide our customers with the best odds possible, all you have to do is choose the prize you want, buy your ticket(s) and wait for the draw to take place.