Why to play with us

Main goal of our company is to be true to our customers. Therefore we strive to offer you the most transparent service possible. Our service is regulated, certified and always generates a winner.

Due to our very own certified algorithm, every draw generates a single winning number each time all tickets are sold or the lottery expires. As we want to offer the best odds possible, there is always a winner on each draw.

Always having a winner means that should the lottery expire without all tickets been sold, our algorithm excludes all unsold raffle tickets and the draw takes place only with the remaining sold tickets. By doing so, we eliminate the possibility of having any jackpots or not having a winner.

In case of all the tickets have not been sold before the draw starts the winning prize is a percentage of the value of the amount of sold tickets. Thus, there is always a winner to each and every lottery. Additionally, each winner is publically announced both on our website and on our social media accounts.

In order to provide our clients with transparency and safe transactions, our register process is very detailed and important for the safety of all players. Thanks to this thorough process, we ensure that all players’ activity and transactions are secured by any possible threat.

Moreover, you will find on our website all the necessary contact information that you need in case any issue might occur, or if you simply have any inquiry. Our experienced Wish Me Luck’s team is at the end of the line, ready to be of service to you in any issue you may have. We are prepared to help you in order to win raffle prizes.

In order to keep our service as transparent as possible, we have created an extremely simple way of playing and win raffle prizes. You simply buy your ticket(s) and then you wait for the rest of the tickets to be sold or for the lottery to expire. Should you have won you will automatically receive an e-mail from us, notifying you that you are our winner. Should you be the lucky winner, we take care of everything and make sure that your prize arrives swiftly to your hands.