How To Play

How To Play

Playing a raffle game on Wish Me Luck is easy .

The 4 step process includes:

Step 1: Registration

Register an account on the site and provide us with your contact information:

a) Username
b) Password
c)Name/Last Name
d) Passport/ID Number
e) Location
f) Age
As we are a regulated company by the Malta Gaming Authority, the information required in order to Register on our site is vital for our clients’ safety and security. By providing us with the latter, we can guarantee that all transactions are secured and that each lottery is risk free.

Step 2: Funding Account

Upon concluding the Registration Process, you will be required to fund your account with one of the following allowed methods.

Step 3: Choosing a raffle to participate

This is fun part! All you have to do is scroll by the raffles that we are offering, select which one you want to play for and buy your ticket(s)! As our raffles are conducted by our very own certified True Random Number Generator algorithm, all ticket numbers are unique. We always have a winner as any unsold tickets are excluded from the draw. All you have to do is buy your ticket(s) for any one of the luxury prizes we offer and wait for the raffle to expire.

Step 4: Select your ticket

The final step to take part in the raffle game that you are interested in is to select your raffle ticket! Once you select your raffle ticket it will be held in your basket, you now have 45 minutes to checkout; otherwise your ticket will be released. We wish you the best of luck!