Rules of the Game

Rules of the Game


1. This policy contains the rules for participating in the Game on the Website (hereinafter referred to as the “Rules”). The detailed processes, regulations and parameters of the Game within these Rules are intended to facilitate the Player’s understanding of the Game. The Player must read and understand these Rules before playing the Game.


2. The following words and terms, should be interpreted as follows, unless, the context clearly implies otherwise. Reference should be made to the main Terms and Conditions for other defined words used herein.
(i) “Available Ticket/s” shall mean Tickets which are available for purchase by Players on the Internet Site for participating in the Games;
(ii) “Booked Ticket/s” shall refer to Tickets which have been added by a Player to the “Order Basket” and which are no longer available for purchase by other Players in the Internet Site;
(iii) “Depiction/s” shall mean the photos or depictions of a Reward contained in the Internet Site. The Depictions are accompanied by a description of the Reward;
(iv) “Ticket” shall mean the purchase of a ticket which is required by the Player in order to place a Bet with the Company and participate in a Game;
(v) “Ticket-Page” shall mean the screen which the Visitor and/or Registered Player is displayed with within the Internet Site when clicking on the Depiction of the Rewards in the Internet Site;
(vi) “Timeframe” shall mean the timeframe which is allocated to every Game and which may vary per Game and which shall be indicated in the Internet Site per Game;
(vii) “Value” shall mean the monetary value equivalent to the value of thirty percent (30%) of all the Tickets sold in that particular Game; and
(viii) “Winning Ticket” shall mean the Ticket selected by the RNG as the winning Ticket for that particular Game.


3. The Game is named and designated as “Wish Me Luck”.
4. In order to participate in a Game, the Player has to purchase a Ticket.
5. Every Game shall have associated therewith one (1) Reward and the Reward shall vary per Game.
6. Upon accessing the Internet Site, the Visitor or Player shall be displayed Depictions of the Rewards associated with the available Games.
7. In order to participate in a Game, the Visitor or Player has to click upon the Depiction of a Reward.
8. After the Visitor or Player clicks upon the Depiction of that particular Reward, the Ticket-Page associated with that particular Game shall be displayed.

Rules of the Game or Playing the Game

9. Every Ticket shall have one (1) number associated therewith.
10. The number of Available Tickets shall vary per Game.
11. In order to participate in a Game, the Visitor or Player has to select the number associated with that particular Available Ticket and click “purchase”. Should a Visitor click “purchase”, the Visitor shall be requested to carry out the Online Registration and shall not be allowed to participate in a Game until the Online Registration is carried out successfully. Should a Player click “purchase”, the selected Available Tickets shall be added to the “Order Basket”.
12. Available Tickets added to the “Order Basket” by a Player shall be considered Booked Tickets and shall not be available for purchase by other Players. Therefore, every Ticket may only be purchased by one (1) Player.
13. The Player shall have twenty (20) minutes to purchase Booked Tickets. If the twenty (20) minutes expire and the Player has not purchased the Booked Ticket, then that Booked Ticket shall be removed from the “Order Basket” and shall no longer remain a Booked Ticket. Hence that Booked Ticket shall become an Available Ticket and other Players may purchase such Ticket.
14. The Player may purchase one (1) or more Available Tickets. However, no Player shall be allowed to purchase more than sixty percent (60%) of the Available Tickets per Game.
15. The Player may participate in one (1) or more Games simultaneously.


16. Every Game shall be allocated a Timeframe. When the Timeframe expires, the Game ends. The Winning Ticket, and therefore the winner of that particular Game, is determined by the RNG. The RNG has been developed by the Company and has been audited and certified to prove functionality, fairness and true randomness.
17. The Company shall inform Players about the Winning Ticket in a particular Game by sending an email to the Players on the email provided in the Online Registration. Both the Players that win the Prize as well as the Players who do not win shall be informed. Furthermore, the Company shall display the Winning Ticket in the Internet Site.


18. The Player that purchases the Winning Ticket wins the Prize.
19. The Prize to be won shall depend on the number of Tickets sold by the Company in that particular Game.
20. Wherein fifty six percent (56%) or more of the Available Tickets of that particular Game have been sold by the Company by the expiry of the Timeframe, the Prize shall be in the form of the Reward..
21. Wherein less than fifty six percent (56%) of the Available Tickets of that particular Game have been sold by the expiry of the Timeframe, the Prize shall be in the form of the Value.

Cancellation of the Games

22. In the unlikely event that a Game is cancelled due to a technical problem, the Company will refund the Players the full amount wagered in the particular Game. Wherein the technical problem may be resolved, the Players shall be informed about the technical problem and the Game shall resume as soon as possible.